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The next generation of longer lasting guitar strings. Cleartone Strings feature a unique ultra thin coating that protects your strings from oxidizing and tarnishing prematurely. Cleartone's Patent Pending EMP Treatment is the thinnest coating in the industry so they don't suffer from the dull sound and slick feel coated strings are known for.


Be Loud. Be Heard. Postal Monkey Graphics Cases feature unique graphic printing on the outside of your case for the ultimate expression of who you are. Combined with extra reinforced construction, a first ever built in tuner, string pouch and pick tray and you have a recipe for rocking out.


Named after the famous city in Spain, Sevilla Classical Strings are designed for the most discerning classical guitarist. Sevilla Strings are classical guitar strings that feature Cleartone Strings Patented EMP Coating.


It’s truly amazing what iron and nickel can do to your tone. Everly B-52s featuring Alloy-52 uses a unique blend of nickel and iron to help your pickups scream with punchier tone and high output. It’s something regular nickel strings just can’t do. Alloy-52 is tarnish resistant and very durable, thanks to 48% iron composition. Be one of the first to experience the ultimate in durability and high output tone that only Everly B-52s with Alloy-52 can offer. Everly B-52s are the #1 brand of alloy-52 electric guitar strings.



A little goes a long way. A lot, goes even further.
Introducing RED. The first brand of Copper Bronze acoustic guitar strings. With the highest copper content of any string material - more than 80/20 and more than phosphor bronze - RED Strings gives acoustic guitars precise articulation, louder sound, greater projection and a warmer, richer tone from the moment you tune them up. There hasn't been a significant new material introduced for acoustic guitar in 35 years.
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